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Jobs and Occupations

Let’s learn about the names of jobs in English. 
Watch the video and try to answer the question about the jobs below. 

Try to answer these questions after watching the video. If you can answer them correctly, it means that you have learned the lesson about jobs very well. If you can’t answer them, watch the video again.

  • Where does a waiter work?
  • What is a paramedic’s job?
  • Do you go to the dentist very often? What does a dentist take care of?
  • What does a doctor do?
  • Where does a train conductor work?
  • Who does a nurse help and where does she work?
  • Why do you call an electrician? 
  • Where does a doctor work and who does he help?
  • Is your father a businessman? 
  • Do you know any painters? What do they do?
  • What does a mechanic repair?
  • Have you ever watched a magician’s show? Did you like it? 
  • Where can you see a lifeguard?
  • Where does a clown work and what is his job?
  • Where does a housekeeper work? 
  • What does a gardener take care of?
  • Do you like watching American football?
  • Are you a student?
  • Do you know anyone who is a surgeon? What does he do?
  • Where does a doorman work?
  • Who does a secretary work for and what does she do?
  • What does a soldier do?
  • What does a repairman do?
  • Who is a scientist?
  • Where does Geisha come from?
  • Do you want to be a footballer when you grow up? 
  • What is a forest ranger’s job? 
  • What does a builder build?
  • Do you have a lunchroom supervisor at school? Who serves lunch in your school? 
  • What does a farmer grow on his farm?
  • Where does a flight attendant work?
  • What does a reporter write?
  • Where does a professor work? 
  • Who does a police officer catch?
  • What does a postman deliver?
  • What is a photographer’s job?
  • What does a pilot fly? Would you like to be a pilot?
  • What does a Catholic nun do every day? 
  • What is the fireman’s job? Is he a brave man? Is his job dangerous?
  • What does an engineer do?
  • What does a carpenter make?
  • How is the architect’s job different from the engineer’s job? 
  • What is a foreman’s job?
  • Where does a construction worker work?

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