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Learn English with FRIENDS – Lesson 1

Watch the episode of FRIENDS and try to answer the comprehension questions. If you are not sure about the answers to the questions, you can always check by clicking the button below.

Comprehension questions:

1. Who stole Monica’s jeans?
2. How long has she been looking for them?
3. What did Monica drop in her lap?
4. Where is an ink stain on her jeans?
5. What does Monica ask the maid to do?
6. What else does Monica accuse the maid of?
7. What does Monica ask Chandler to do?
8. Why does Chandler tell Monica that she needs new clothes?
9. How does Chandler try to persuade the maid to unbutton her blouse?
10. Who took Monica’s jeans?
11. Who took Monica’s bra?
12. Why does she say: “Sounds about right” at the end?

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