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Ways of cooking

Some example sentences for the vocabulary: I bake bread every morning.  Would you like to come on Saturday? We can barbecue some meat in our backyard. Let me blend some strawberries and blueberries for you. You should drink fruit smoothie every day. It is healthy. We always boil 5 eggs for breakfast. Do you want […]


In this lesson, you will learn the names of vegetables that can be grown in the garden.  Some sample sentences related to the vegetable vocabulary: In winter, we eat sour cabbage that we pickle in autumn. Rabbits like eating carrots. I grow cauliflower in my garden.  Turnip is used for producing sugar.  I like making […]

British vs. American English

A very useful vocabulary comparing British and American English Some example sentences for the vocabulary from the video. Let’s learn the difference between British and American English. The faucet in the bathroom is broken. (American) It is not a “faucet” but a “tap”. (British) Wow! You have a lovely garden! (British)Did you want to say […]

Jobs and Occupations

Let’s learn about the names of jobs in English. Watch the video and try to answer the question about the jobs below. Try to answer these questions after watching the video. If you can answer them correctly, it means that you have learned the lesson about jobs very well. If you can’t answer them, watch […]

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