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This is episode 1, beginner level in which you will learn some useful vocabulary from everyday conversation. The story is about four housemates, how they met each other and their adventures. Watch the video and try to answer the comprehension questions below.

  1. How many people live in the house? Why are they looking for another person?
  2. Who do they accept as their roommate and why?
  3. What does David do?
  4. What about Helen? What does she do for a living?
  5. Where does Matt work?
  6. What do the friends offer to do for Helen?
  7. Does Helen like her new room?
  8. What are the friends going to do for Jane’s birthday?
  9. Is Jane’s birthday on the thirteenth or thirtieth of May?
  10. Who misunderstood Jane about her birthday?
  11. Where did David take his new friend for dinner? Why did they go there?
  12. Why was David upset during the dinner?
  13. Did he have enough money for the taxi? How did he go back home?
  14. Who is coming for a visit? Who is going to meet her?
  15. Why was Matt late?
  16. What happened at the café?
  17. Why did Matt have to talk to the police?

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