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Erika: Hi, David are you OK?
David: Hi, Erika I’m fine just a little tired. I’ve been jogging with my dog and we stopped for a while to get some rest.
Mike: Hi guys! So glad to see you! Are you enjoying this beautiful Saturday?
Erika: We sure are! I love the weekends! How long have you been skateboarding, Mike?
Mike: I started three years ago. My brother got me into it. I didn’t like it at first, but now I enjoy it.
David: How often do you go skateboarding?
Mike: About twice a week. I like it because it gets me out of the house and it’s relaxing.
Erika: And what else do you like doing in your free time?
Mike: Well, there’s a swimming pool near my house and I go there pretty often with my friends. It’s great fun! Other times, my brother and I go to our cousins’ house and we have pizza and watch movies together. Or we play basketball in the backyard. We have such a great time together. We also like going to soccer matches together. Soccer is such a beautiful game. You can watch players do amazing things. It’s one of the best games in the world. I also like going hiking and camping with my family in my free time. I like it because you can see a lot of beautiful landscapes. Sleeping in a tent is so amazing because I love spending time in nature!
David: What about you Erica? How often do you go for a bike ride?
Erika: Well, not so often. I do it mostly on weekends. I usually go for bike rides with my friends. They’ll be here a little later.
Mike: What other things do you like doing in your spare time? Do you like watching TV?
Erika: No, I don’t like it very much. I prefer listening to music or playing.
Mike: The piano? Wow… Do you take lessons?  
Erika: No, my sister does, and I learned from her. I play the piano only when I need to relax, after doing my homework or when I had a hard day at school. I also love going to concerts in my free time. It’s such an incredible experience.
Mike: Really? I’ve never been to a concert.
Erika: I think it’s so great being in a crowd of people who feel the same way you do. What about you, David? Do you like listening to music or going to concerts?
David: Yes, I do! I love listening to reggae music. I’ve only been once to a concert. I also like reading comics. My brother has lots of comics and he lends them to me. I have so much fun reading them! Another free time activity is playing video games with my brother.
Erika: What about outdoor activities? I can see you enjoy jogging.
David: Yes, jogging and baseball. I joined the baseball club and I go there twice a week.
Mike: I can see you really are into sports, David.
David: Yeah, I am a very active person. What about you? Haven’t you joined any club?
Erika: I have joined the chess club. It’s a great way to have some fun, make new friends and keep my mind sharp!       
David: How often do you go to the chess club?
Erika: I go once a week, on Saturdays.
Mike: I have joined a horse club. It has been an amazing experience so far. I have always loved horses, since I was a child, and it was my dream to be able to ride a horse. I learned how to take care of the horses. They are so beautiful and strong! Horses bring me so much joy!
Erika: You really convinced me to join this club, too! I wanna know what it feels like to ride a horse.
David: Same here! I wanna try, too.
Mike: Great! Let’s go together next week. I will call you and let you know the details.
Erika: Thanks, Mike! I can’t wait!
David: Neither can I!
Mike: OK, I have to go now. I’m going to the skate park. It was nice talking to you. See ya!

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