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British vs. American English

A very useful vocabulary comparing British and American English

Some example sentences for the vocabulary from the video. Let’s learn the difference between British and American English.

  1. The faucet in the bathroom is broken. (American)
  2. It is not a “faucet” but a “tap”. (British)
  3. Wow! You have a lovely garden! (British)
    Did you want to say “a backyard”? (American)
  4. Throw the garbage in the dustbin. (British)
    I will throw it in the “trashcan”. (American)
  5. Would you like to go to the movies with me? (American)
    Sorry, where?
    Would you like to go to the “cinema” with me? (British)
  6. Did I tell you that I bought a new apartment? (American)
    No, you didn’t. I guess you bought a new “flat”. (British)
  7. Is there a lift in this building? (British)
    I’m so sorry but I don’t know what “a lift” means.
    Oh, of course. Is there “an elevator” in this building? (American)
  8. I am washing my hands in the washbasin. (British)
    We call it “a sink” here in America. (American)
  9. Put your clothes in the wardrobe. It is in the bedroom. (British)
    I don’t know what you mean.
    Put your clothes in the “closet”. (American)
  10. I am going on holiday tomorrow! (British)
    Are you going on a “vacation”? (American)
  11. How do you call a break between classes in British?
    We call it “break time”. (British)
    We call it “recess” in the US. (American)
  12. My mom is making some cookies today. Do you want to come and try them? (American)
    I like “biscuits”. Are they the same as “cookies”? (British)
    Yes, they are the same.

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