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Ways of cooking

Some example sentences for the vocabulary:
  1. I bake bread every morning. 
  2. Would you like to come on Saturday? We can barbecue some meat in our backyard.
  3. Let me blend some strawberries and blueberries for you. You should drink fruit smoothie every day. It is healthy.
  4. We always boil 5 eggs for breakfast.
  5. Do you want me to braise some pork with potatoes and tomatoes for lunch?
  6. We are having guests for dinner this evening. I’m going to broil some beef.
  7. They serve some very tasty steaks in this restaurant. They chargrill them on an open fire until they are juicy. 
  8. Can you help me and chop some onion until I fry potatoes?
  9. Who cooks food in your family?
  10. I will cut mushrooms and you can boil some eggs. 
  11. Do you like deep-fried potatoes? I don’t. They are too fatty for me. 
  12. When she makes salad, she likes dicing all the vegetables so that they soak the dressing very well. 
  13. People in Saudi Arabia like dipping bread into the ball of dish when they eat.
  14. I like fried sausages and eggs for breakfast.
  15. Could you grate some cheese over my spaghetti?
  16. I like grilling fish when I go camping.
  17. Could you heat up that soup before serving
  18. Before baking bread you should knead and stretch the dough.
  19. This cake has three layers: the chocolate layer, the fruit one and the third layer is whipped cream. 
  20. Ice melts when you heat it up.
  21. The chicken is cold. I will microwave it before serving.
  22. First, mix eggs and butter. Then add some chocolate. This is how you should make cookies.
  23. Parboil some beans and serve as side dish.
  24. I always peel the apple before eating it.
  25. I like eating poached eggs. 
  26. Could you pour some red wine for me?
  27. We have roast beef with fried potatoes for lunch.
  28. First knead the dough. Then, roll it out and put the filling in.
  29. I don’t like frying vegetables. I just saute them before serving.
  30. Do you like scrambled eggs?
  31. Simmer some vegetables for 15 minutes and your soup is ready.
  32. Slice beef and serve it with potatoes. 
  33. When we go camping, we spit-roast some beef and pork over an open fire. 
  34. For breakfast, I like to spread some butter and honey on a piece of bread.
  35. Steamed food is much healthier than fried.
  36. I like eating stew. This is when you cook meat and vegetables slowly on a low temperature.
  37. Mix some butter with cocoa and stir gently until the butter melts. 
  38. Chinese usually stir-fry vegetables in a big frying pan.
  39. Can you taste the soup and check if it is salty enough.
  40. I like eating toast for breakfast. 
  41. The dish is cold. I will warm it up and you can lay the table. 
  42. The cake is finished. I just need to whip some cream and put it on top of it. 
  43. Whisk three eggs, please. I need them to make a cake. 

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