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Prepositions of time

AT for specific times

AT for hours

  • at 9 o’clock in the morning
  • at 4 a.m.
  • at 8 p.m.

AT for parts of the day

  • at night
  • at midnight
  • at noon/midday
  • at sunrise/sunset
  • at dawn
  • at bedtime
  • at lunchtime
  • at dinner

AT refers to time

  • at present
  • at the moment
  • at the weekend (British English)

AT for holidays without DAY

  • at Christmas
  • at New Year
  • at Easter

IN for longer period of time

IN for parts of the day

  • in the morning
  • in the afternoon 
  • in the evening

IN for months

  • in January
  • in June
  • in September

IN for seasons

  • in spring
  • in summer
  • in autumn/fall
  • in winter

IN for weeks

  • in a week
  • in three weeks

IN for periods of time

  • in the past
  • in the future
  • in a few minutes
  • in two weeks
  • in a moment

IN for years, decades, centuries

  • in 1996
  • in 2021
  • in the nineties
  • in the 1970s
  • in the 21st century

ON for specific period of time

ON for days

  • on Monday
  • on Wednesday
  • on Sunday

ON for dates

  • on January 10th
  • on the 2nd of June
  • on the first day
  • on the last day

ON for holidays with DAY

  • on New Year’s day
  • on Christmas day
  • on Easter day

ON for specific days

  • on the wedding day
  • on my birthday
  • on holiday

ON for parts of the day

  • on Monday morning
  • on Thursday afternoon
  • on Saturday evening

ON for time

  • on the weekend (US)
  • on weekdays
  • on time
  • on winter mornings
  • on a hot day
Some sentences with prepositions of time
  1. I can see a lot of stars at night.
  2. We like visiting my grandparents at the weekend.
  3. Can you come to school on time? You are always late!
  4. Let’s go to the park on Saturday morning. It will be a lovely day.
  5. I haven’t seen you in weeks. Where have you been? 
  6. Will you decorate a Christmas tree on December 24th or earlier? 
  7. I was so nervous on my wedding day. 
  8. See you in winter! Bye!
  9. What do you like doing on a cold day?
  10. Could you hold on? I  will be back in a moment. 

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