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Present Simple Tense

FORM POSITIVE QUESTION NEGATIVE I live Do I live? I do not/I don’t live He lives Does he live? He does not/He doesn’t live We make the present simple tense positive with the infinitive o the verb. The third person singular (he, she, it) ends in -S or -ES. We use the helping verb DO/DOES […]

Building sentences

All languages use single words and phrases (small groups of words) to build sentences.Each word or phrase has its work and meaning in the sentence.For example: Alice ate all the ice cream.Alice – is a word working as the subjectate – is a word working as the verball the ice cream – is a phrase working as […]

Prepositions of time

AT for specific times AT for hours at 9 o’clock in the morning at 4 a.m. at 8 p.m. AT for parts of the day at night at midnight at noon/midday at sunrise/sunset at dawn at bedtime at lunchtime at dinner AT refers to time at present at the moment at the weekend (British English) […]

Prepositions of place and movement

PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE ATINONUNDERBEHINDIN FRONT OF BETWEENAMONGNEXT TONEARABOVEBELOW PREPOSITIONS OF MOVEMENT PASTTHROUGHUPDOWNOUT OF INTOALONGACROSS ONTOOFFUNDEROVERAROUNDAWAY FROMTOWARD Some sentences with prepositions of place and movement My grandparents live above my apartment. There is a basement below my apartment.  I like this picture on the wall. The dog is hiding under the bed. He must be really scared […]

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