Erika: Hi, David are you OK? David: Hi, Erika I’m fine just a little tired. I’ve been jogging with my dog and we stopped for a while to get some rest. Mike: Hi guys! So glad to see you! Are you enjoying this beautiful Saturday? Erika: We sure are! I love the weekends! How long […]

Tapescript – My home


My Home Kate: Hi, guys! Welcome to my house! I’m so happy you’re here!  Clara: Hi, Kate! This neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful! I love it! Kate: Yeah! I’m so happy to live here! Please come in! I can’t wait to show you my new house! Clara: The hallway is really bright and spacious! […]

Tapescript – My school day

My School Day MASON: Hi, my name is Mason and I am in the 4th grade. I go to school by bus every morning. This is my school. The school door opens at 8:30. This is my locker where I keep my backpack and all my stuff. THE BOY: Hey, Justin! HALL MONITOR: No running in the […]