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Body parts game

CLICK HERE to start the game. Guess the parts of the body that you have learned in the previous lesson. See how well you have done and how much you have remembered. Don’t forget to have fun!

Body parts game

  Learn the parts of the body through these flashcards. The name of the body part is at the back of the picture. Try to guess it and then flip the picture to check if your answer is correct.  Learn new words and have fun! [wp_quiz id=”5572″][wp_quiz id=”5483″][wp_quiz id=”5560″][wp_quiz id=”5548″][wp_quiz id=”5629″][wp_quiz id=”5508″][wp_quiz id=”5453″][wp_quiz id=”5585″][wp_quiz id=”5499″][wp_quiz […]

Learn English with FRIENDS – Lesson 1

Watch the episode of FRIENDS and try to answer the comprehension questions. If you are not sure about the answers to the questions, you can always check by clicking the button below. Comprehension questions: 1. Who stole Monica’s jeans? 2. How long has she been looking for them? 3. What did Monica drop in her […]


This is episode 1, beginner level in which you will learn some useful vocabulary from everyday conversation. The story is about four housemates, how they met each other and their adventures. Watch the video and try to answer the comprehension questions below. How many people live in the house? Why are they looking for […]

Present Simple Tense

FORM POSITIVE QUESTION NEGATIVE I live Do I live? I do not/I don’t live He lives Does he live? He does not/He doesn’t live We make the present simple tense positive with the infinitive o the verb. The third person singular (he, she, it) ends in -S or -ES. We use the helping verb DO/DOES […]


Erika: Hi, David are you OK? David: Hi, Erika I’m fine just a little tired. I’ve been jogging with my dog and we stopped for a while to get some rest. Mike: Hi guys! So glad to see you! Are you enjoying this beautiful Saturday? Erika: We sure are! I love the weekends! How long […]

Free time activities

Watch the video about the activities that the children like doing. Think about your free-time activities. After watching the video try to answer the questions about it. Questions: What does Mike do in his free time? Why does he like this activity? What other things does he like doing? How often does Erika go […]

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