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Building sentences

All languages use single words and phrases (small groups of words) to build sentences.Each word or phrase has its work and meaning in the sentence.For example: Alice ate all the ice cream.Alice – is a word working as the subjectate – is a word working as the verball the ice cream – is a phrase working as […]

Ways of cooking

Some example sentences for the vocabulary: I bake bread every morning.  Would you like to come on Saturday? We can barbecue some meat in our backyard. Let me blend some strawberries and blueberries for you. You should drink fruit smoothie every day. It is healthy. We always boil 5 eggs for breakfast. Do you want […]

7 Myths About Coronavirus Immunity You Need to Stop Believing

With tons of true, false, and constantly changing information available about COVID-19, it’s easy to get mixed up. But one thing’s for certain: if you think you’re immune to the virus, you’re wrong. Check out these seven myths about coronavirus immunity so you stay healthy during the pandemic. 1. I Have Antibodies So I’m Immune […]

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