Building sentences

All languages use single words and phrases (small groups of words) to build sentences.Each word or phrase has its work and meaning in the sentence.For example: Alice ate all the ice cream.Alice – is a word working as the subjectate – is a word working as the verball the ice cream – is a phrase working as […]


In this lesson, you will learn the names of vegetables that can be grown in the garden.  Some sample sentences related to the vegetable vocabulary: In winter, we eat sour cabbage that we pickle in autumn. Rabbits like eating carrots. I grow cauliflower in my garden.  Turnip is used for producing sugar.  I like making […]

My home


This is the second video lessons in which you will learn some useful words and expressions related to the home. You will learn the names of rooms in a house and furniture. Listen to the video carefully and answer the questions about it below. You can always stop the video and go back to listen again […]