Vocabulary course – rooms and furniture


This vocabulary quiz is for beginner and lower-intermediate level students. However, even intermediate-level students can enroll since the course has a variety of vocabulary, dialogues, and exercises that might be useful for higher-level students.


This vocabulary course will teach you words and phrases related to the names of rooms and furniture. Through various texts, dialogues, and exercises, you will learn how to talk about the rooms in your house and the furniture in them. This course doesn’t only teach vocabulary but also some grammar and sentence structure. You will learn how to properly express yourself while talking about routines and things you do in various rooms of the house. Quizzes and exercises give you the opportunity to check your knowledge and see how much you have learned in this course. Material is not only educational but presented in an interesting way to capture your attention and help you remember the words easier.

What will you learn?

  1. Vocabulary related to rooms.
  2. Vocabulary related to furniture in each room.
  3. Phrases and sentences used to describe rooms and furniture.
  4. How to talk about your daily routines and activities that you have in each of the rooms in your house.
  5. Finally, you will have fun doing quizzes and crosswords related to the vocabulary from the lessons.


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