Fun English Effective Learning

You are just a few steps away from becoming an expert in speaking English. Let me help you achieve your goal in a fun and interesting way. Studying doesn’t need to be a boring task. You can enjoy it and still learn all the necessary things. 

Choose the course that best suits you or start from the beginning.

You have already tried studying  English with private tutors or private schools, maybe alone looking for a suitable material on the Internet. However, there were no results. No matter how hard you tried, you weren’t getting anywhere.



You can study in an unconventional way that will not be boring or exhausting and still have the guidance and help from the teacher. Study at your own pace and when you have time. You won’t be stressed about the classes that you might miss because you will not have classes the way you used to have at school. 

What You Get

You will get well-structured courses to develop all four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Workshops are organized for all course attendees every month. You can contact the teacher at any time if you have any questions about the course or material. That is not all. You will get one free private lesson with the teacher to practice what you have learned in the course. 

What I do

I Coach

My courses are carefully structured to give you all the necessary knowledge about every aspect of an English language, including vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, prepositions, articles, adjectives, adverbs, and much more. Everything is presented in an interesting and engaging way.  

I Monitor

I monitor your work and progress carefully through assignments and your homework that I can give you occasionally. I also use a grading system to show you how much you have done and how much more you need to do. You can always ask me questions at any time during the course if you have some queries. 

I Encourage

I picked the material for you carefully with the intention to make your learning fun and interesting. Whenever you feel that you are losing courage to go on, I will be there for you to support you and encourage you in any way I can. I will answer your questions and praise you for good work you have done.

Need Advice?

If you are not sure which course is right for you, contact me by mail and I will answer back. We can schedule a meeting and talk about what you need or I can give you a test to check what level you are. 
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My Courses

My courses are specially designed to fulfill your needs and help you develop conversational skills. If you are bored with learning grammar and rules, reading lessons, and translating them into your language, then these courses will be the right choice for you. You will learn spoken English and the expressions that you can use in your daily life. You will also learn grammar but in a fun and practical way. Special exercises and practice are being prepared for you. Special material and animations to make your studies interesting and fun. Enjoy and learn!

F E E L Fun English Effective Learning