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Welcome to your Ways of cooking quiz. Use the vocabulary you have learned in the lesson WAYS OF COOKING to fill in the blanks. Do the quiz to check your knowledge of the vocabulary related to cooking.


1. I   bread every morning.

2. It is healthy to eat two eggs for breakfast every morning.

3. I need to some onion and carrots for lunch. Could you do that for me, please?

4. English people like eating eggs with bacon for breakfast.

5. Let me tell you how to make cookies. You need to mix flour and eggs first and then the dough before you roll it out.

6. Do you want me to peel off the apples for you and so that you can easily put them on top of the dough?

7. When I finish the cake I will put it in the fridge. I always the cream the next day and put it over the cake.

8. three eggs together and add some butter. Then mix with flour and cocoa. I will heat up the oven.

9. I like eating   eggs. This is made by whisking the white and the yolk together and then fry in a pan.

10. Would you like me to some more wine in your glass?

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