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Welcome to your prepositions of time
If you have watched the lesson PREPOSITIONS OF TIME, you can check how much you have learned by doing the quiz.
Let's have fun and learn!

1. Vicky always wakes up ______ 7 o'clock because she has to go to work.

2. My birthday is _____ 25th of March. It is _____ spring.

3. I was born _____ 1978.

4. We serve turkey _____ Christmas.

5. I always get a lot of gifts _____ Christmas Day.

6. We live _____ the 21st century.

7. Call me _____ noon. I will be free then. We can go for lunch in the restaurant. I can stay a little longer since I am free _____ the afternoon.

8. I have an important meeting _____ a few minutes. I will call you later.

9. What time do you have dinner _____ the evening?

10. What are you doing ______ the moment? Would you like to go for a drink with me?

11. I am going on a trip ______ the weekend.

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