Spain has the 5th largest economy in the EU and the 14th largest in the world. Spain is plagued by high youth unemployment rates of up to 35% in 2018, which is quite high as compared to other countries in the EU. The biggest issue with its economy is that it is highly informal and […]


Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Its economy is best defined as a social market economy with large capital stock and a highly skilled labor force. It ranks third in the world on the value of exported goods a considerable part of which is its world-renowned automotive […]


Austria is a highly industrialized economy, which has made the country consistently rank well in GDP per capita terms. While it is a free market economy, labor unions are very influential and exercise a lot of clout on economic decisions. Apart from industry, international tourism is one of the most critical sectors for Austria.Tourism makes […]

The State of Europe – Richest and Poorest Countries in the Continent

The European economy has 50 countries and a market of more than 740 million people. The formation of the European Union in 1999 and the adoption of the Euro made the continent even more productive as it improved convenience and participation.Most countries in Europe have GDP per capita higher than average those of the world. […]