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Beginner course

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About Course

This course is for students who have little or no knowledge of the English language. You will learn to understand and use some basic words and phrases, short sentences, and basic grammar that can help you conduct simple conversations related to daily needs.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn to read some simple texts,
  • basic grammar,
  • how to introduce yourself,
  • talk about your job and free time,
  • how to write some simple sentences.

Course Content

Introducing English language
In the introduction part, you will learn some basic grammatical things necessary for studying English.

  • Match the numbers with the number words
  • Words from A to I
  • Words from J to R
  • Words from S to Z
  • Check your knowledge

Unit 1 – Names
This lesson will help you break the ice and learn how to talk about yourself.

Unit 2 Greetings and goodbyes
It is very important to learn proper greetings in the English language.

Unit 3 – Nationalities
You will learn the names of nationalities in English. This will help you when you meet people from other countries.

Unit 4 – Family
In this unit, you will learn the names of family members and how to talk about your family.

Unit 5 – Review
You will review everything you have learned so far. Check your knowledge through various exercises and get ready to move on to the next course.